Songs For My Father

Friday, August 18, 2006


Now I can only see him in my dreams and in heart of memories. He was always such a mystery to me and now this is even more so. I've decided to log my thoughts and especially the dream sequences in which my father appears.

This morning travelling with JJ. We are doing something but I can't remember quite what. Suddenly we find ourselves in a room where I expect to and do find my father standing there. I walk over to give him a hug but I am unsteady on my feet possibly because my knee has been bothering me lately and this may have translated itself into the dream. Before this there was also something where I addressed my knee rubbing it. Anyway moving right along my father says 'Boy there are really a lot of people in Lambertville' that's it end of my memory for this sequence.

In another sequence I see him come into the living room and lay on his right side and say "Hey Mark how are you doing?" This takes me by surprise and I answer from another level that I am frustrated about not experiencing my success. The dream and the memory then ends.


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